Diano Thalasso & Wellness


In Diano Marina, the Hotel Caravelle hosts a renowned SPA wellness center with indoor/outdoor pools and a Thalasso & Marine Therapy Center, with a variety of beauty treatments based on seawater. Beach, pools, seawater jacuzzi, thalassotherapy, thermal water inhalations, wellness treatments, sauna, Turkish bath, and even an exclusive restaurant overlooking the sea.

You can walk on the private beach, be caressed by the scent of the sea, immerse yourself in the outdoor thalassotherapy pools, equipped with geysers, effervescent loungers and waterfalls, or simply enjoy our specialized wellness center.

An unique experience of relaxation and fusion with the sea. Located in the center of the Gulf of Diano, between Alassio and Sanremo, just a two-hour drive from Milan and Turin.



Thalassotherapy is a specific form of therapy based on the healing action of the marine environment, including the sea, sand, seaweed, mud, and more. Its benefits have been well-documented through numerous studies and are attributed to the unique chemical composition of seawater, which is similar to human plasma. These benefits include positive effects on the respiratory system and skin, improved circulation and muscle tone, and a newfound physical well-being thanks to the draining properties of seawater.

You can discover three outdoor thalassotherapy pools equipped with geysers, effervescent loungers, waterfalls, and counter-current swimming. Additionally, an indoor seawater pool awaits you within the SPA.



Different solutions for every relaxation need.
You can regenerate yourself in the warmth of the sauna or Turkish bath, be pampered by the hydromassage or recharge your energy with chromotherapy or emotional showers.
And then, there's a beautiful massage room available to welcome you with professional massages performed by experienced and qualified staff. A wide range of options and personalized treatments, using natural products, to help you rediscover energy, harmony, and freshness.

Inhalations, nebulisation and aerosol

Thermal treatments

With these inhalation treatments, the thermal water and the gases contained within it are introduced into the respiratory system.
Thanks to its natural healing properties (rich in sulphur, calcium, sulphates, bicarbonate and magnesium), these waters are indicated, both in adults and children, for the prevention and treatment of numerous pathologies of the bronchi, ear, nose, throat, pharyngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis and much more.

Leave behind the stress of daily life


Sauna and Turkish bath are ideal for respiratory diseases, they also allow the loss of superfluous fat, facilitate the expulsion of a large quantity of toxins and purify the skin.
They are very similar to each other, but the sauna is a dry steam bath, around 90° and 15% humidity to facilitate sweating, while the Turkish bath is a humid steam bath, with temperatures between 30 and 50 degrees and with humidity at 90-100%.



By using water with different pressures and temperatures you can relieve various types of pain, treat health problems and relax.
Treatments include the use of water jets, seawater showers, seawater baths, immersion in hot and cold pools and much more

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Spend your wellness holiday in Diano Marina.
If you want to extend your stay in Liguria, you can stay in our Hotel Caravelle Talasso & Wellness, which houses the Diano Thalasso & Wellness centre, and enjoy all the exclusive services, living an unique relaxing experience.

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